Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I don't know about you but end of school year is always crazy here. A mix of Summer holiday prep, end of year trips/concerts/discos and now parties for all the clubs they're in too! So this is me doing a quick catch up post before taking Caitlin to her Brownies party. :)

Ok I blogged Friday, but I didn't mention that Mark, Mum, Dad and I were going to see a comedy show that night :) Mark has had 'See a stand up show' on his bucket list for a while so when I saw our local hotel was doing one the day after my birthday I snapped up tickets.
Was a great night out. Because they're usually the babysitters we don't go out much with my Mum and Dad so was nice to spend some time with them without kids lol.

As we had got the kids reports that week, we had promised them a nice day out if they did well. Both achieved above expected level on all subjects so obviously we were super proud! I rooted around in my vouchers drawer and found a Groupon for Kids play, a 50% off cinema voucher and 50% off pizza too :) So morning we went to Kids play and kids ran riot while I had a coffee (bliss)
Then off to see the Minions movie and home for pizza! Was such a lovely, relaxed day and great to spend time just the four of us. Roll on Summer holidays!

Today the weather was dreadful so was a pj day at first. Kids soon got bored though so we put on our wellies and set off for the library. The kids had a great time jumping in puddles on the way, then books picked, cookies bought it was time to head back home for tea, reading and cuddles. :)

I actually couldn't tell you what I did yesterday :/ Mark hadn't slept well the night before as had a headache so he slept while I did housework. The day just sped by!

Well as I said today is Caitlins Brownie party. They were asked to come dressed as Minions so this is Caitlin all ready to go.
Sure she'll have a great time and I promise to blog a bit more!


  1. i always find the end of the school year so busy. We are invited continuously into school to watch shows and look at displays. Today was for science projects. Your minion looks cool!

  2. That's such a great minion outfit!!! I miss all the end of term frenzy at primary although there's been enough excitement round here lately with exams, prom and awards night!


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