Thursday, 2 July 2015

Sooooo hot!!!

Don't know what it's like where you are but its been SO hot here past few days! I've had a huge to do list that I wanted to get done but heat really wipes out Mark so I've been taking care of him among other jobs. Poor Scamp doesn't enjoy the heat either.
Yesterday was the hottest day so far so I dragged the pool out of the garage and the kids had a great time playing in there. Heat was too much for Cam though so he went in after an hour or so.
Today we took Caitlin up to the Juniors for a little tour and to meet her new teacher. She loved it! Such a weight off my mind as obviously she's not the biggest fan of change and I was worried she would be scared but she seems excited so far. :)
I'm actually quite excited about her sleepover tomorrow night lol. I've finished the party bags, got lots of food and games for them to play and Caitlin made decorations so should be really fun! Pity the boys though, stuck in a house with 5 girls :p

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