Friday, 3 July 2015

Sleepover :)

So tonight is Caitlins sleepover to earn her Brownies 'hostess' badge. Lots of planning went into it and I was soooo eager for it to go well. Two of the girls had appointments after school so only one came right away. How cute is this photo of them walking home together :)
I'd decorated the living room with the decorations we had made while they were at school. So when they came home it was playtime until the others showed up and the party could really begin! :)
First I stuffed them all with pizza, then they decorated their own spa headbands before making facepacks form banana, sugar and chocolate porridge. I couldn't believe how into it they got! In retrospect it was a bit of a waste of time mopping my floor this afternoon as my floor and most of the doorhandles are now a sticky mess lol
Then there were makeovers and a couple more games before time to settle down with an ice cream, popcorn, biscuits and other goodies to watch a dvd :)
As I write this is nearly 11 and they're still awake lol. Watching Netflix and laughing at Scamp crawling all over them. FX for sleep soon!

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  1. around here no one ever sleeps and sleepovers. I hope you got some though!


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