Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer holidays!!

So today was the first day of the Summer holidays and we did absolutely nothing lol.
Yesterday was Cams sports day so between that and end of year chaos we were all exhausted. Both kids were quite weepy so was home for comfy pjs, cuddles and bed!
Tradition on the first day of the Summer hold is to make a calender showing all the big plans we have, day trips, classes etc, then make a bucket list of all the other things we want to do :)
List done the kids basically hid in their rooms all day playing games and reading. They did come out every now and again for food and hugs but that was about it lol. I love how close they are but I do admit I feel a little pushed out every now and again. God help me when they're teenagers, I won't have a hope in hell!
On that note I read something a while ago that said you need a dog when you have a teenager in the house so that someone is happy to see you lol. Very true as while I was ignored by my children I had this little shadow pretty much all day :)
Well fingers crossed for some sunshine tomorrow as I want to go out! Don't even care where just out lol. Today was relaxing but dull as anything so can do with a reason to get dressed, and hopefully take some photos for the scavenger hunt too :)

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  1. Yay for the summer holidays! Ours started so long ago that I almost forgot other people's children were still at school. Enjoy you day out today :-)


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