Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Ok it's bound to happen over the Summer holidays, but its been a while since I blogged! So time for a recap :)

Sunday was a here, there and everywhere day with me driving Caitlin to a party and running lots of little errands. I also did some Hama bead work but I'll share that when its finished :)

Every Monday we've booked the kids into a 'Muddy Mondays' class at the boating lake. The kids both love being outside and getting muddy so we thought it would be perfect. First class and they LOVE it! We made 'thumb sticks' where we basically cut down funny shaped sticks then sanded them down and covered them in some kind of oil lol. I didn't quite get it but kids had fun.

Cinema day!!!! I was SO excited to see Inside out :)
Being 100% honest, I loved it, but it was certainly not what I expected. It was a lot more mature than most Disney films. Don't get me wrong it was funny and silly and the kids really enjoyed it, but as an adult watching it I saw all the emotions and meanings behind what the wee girl was going though, how she needed to be sad but the pressure her Mother put on her caused her to bury her feelings and go numb, how Joy was really like a Mother in her feelings towards Riley, trying to shield her from anything that would cause her Sadness but she needed to feel that and have it be ok.
I genuinely think its one of those generational films, kids will watch it and see Sadness knocking things over and funny little characters, teens will relate to Riley and her conflicting and confusing emotions and parents will see Joy trying so hard to keep Riley happy but not knowing how.

My Dad us soooooo tired at the moment. I think the late night/early morning drive back from the airport wiped him right out. To give him a bit of a break we took the kids and Mollie to kids play for the day (thank you groupon!)
I also managed to get:
13. A merry-go-round or carousel
Might get a prettier one later but this will do for now. ;)


  1. Love the idea of muddy Monday's! Good carousel find too x looks like we're having a starvation at the end of August. Think I might challenge you to find me a list of things to do with two teenagers as you have a knack for finding the unusual and the fun!

  2. Muddy Mondays look like loads of fun.


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