Saturday, 4 July 2015

Coffee needed!!!

SO last night the girls finally went to sleep at 12:30. I thought they would be tired so would sleep in a bit, nope, wide awake at 6:20! Will need lots of coffee today I think as got to go help my Mum set up for my nieces sleepover later, then help ferry all the girls around to and from the spa then back to mums lol.
Girls have all been collected now and party cups handed out. They used their sundae cups last night so I washed them out and filled them with some nail varnish and nail files, a spoon I had stuck gems on the handle, toothbrush, giant lolly, spa headband and a hamma bean icecream at Caitlins request. She was thrilled with how they looked so I was pleased :)
Well this morning for the first time in ages I actually had the urge to scrap. Typically it was at a time when I really couldnt but I manage to slip away long enough to finish off a layout which has been sitting on my desk a few days now.
TBH I'm not overly in love with it but its done now lol. The kit I'm using is an old one that I wasn't very fond of anyway so didn't expect it to be amazing but glad I'm using it up.
Photo is from ages ago when I took the girls to a fun day. It was with 'homestart' which I used to volunteer for. I took them along to play and ended up having to work so they went off and did their own thing. They loved it and turned out to be the last one we went to so glad I got photos :)
Right well got to go help Mum get ready for Mollies party now, two sleepovers in one weekend, who planned that!? :p

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  1. glad you survived the sleepover and those sundae glasses look fab! lovely page too x


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