Friday, 31 July 2015

Smile, play, beautiful, love.

My mojo seems to have gone walkies lately, so I loved the 'ready made' papers I got in this months Like for ever kit.
These sheets are ones which already have pictures etc on while do most of the work for you, in this case it was the circle going around the center of the page. Few extra embellishments and some layering behind the photo and I was done :)
Love this picture. In Turkey there was a kids club and one night they had a 'chocolate party' which seemed to consist of the kids eating and pretty much rolling in chocolate lol. They loved it obviously :)
Cameron made me laugh while I was doing this one. As you can see I cut the top of the L out to put the photo underneath it. Cameron watched me and asked:

Cameron - Are you doing that to put the photo under it?
Me - Yep like this *shows him*
Cameron - OH! So it will hold the photo on so you don't need to nail it on!

Not allowing him to scrapbook in the near future!

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