Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Beautiful moments

Did I not blog? I'm sure I blogged the other day lol. This weekend just raced by. Once a year Marks friends take him for the weekend to give me a bit of respite, typically it was this weekend and typically on Saturday I felt dreadful!
Got to love my kids, both were really well behaved all day, in the afternoon both sat downstairs so Cam played his DS, Cait watched a film and I was able to sleep next to them for a little while. I know some parents who are happy to go up to bed and have a nap while the kids are awake but while I trust them not to do anything daft I just don't feel comfortable doing that. Sleeping with my feet on Cams lap and Caitlin leaning on me I can do lol, that way if either moves it wakes me ;)
Sunday I felt much better. We had planned to take Scamp for a walk round to the library but then the door knocked. I answered it with wet hair from the shower and my ratty old cardigan on over my clothes, to see an immaculatly dressed woman there with her daughter. I was very confused then she asked if Caitlin could come play at her house. I was very confused for a moment but then the penny dropped and I recognised the little girl and the Mum from events at the school. As it is when you have kids I remembered the little girls name but the Mum was just *****s mum, the Avon lady lol. Turned out they lived in the next street so off Caitlin went. Two minutes later another knock announced Camerons friend asking to play at ours so I ended up sitting downstairs on my own with a coffee and playing with my Hama beads. Managed to finish this though.
I made a minecraft wreath last year for Cameron so did a Pinkie pie one with a glow in the dark nose for Caitlin. Got the design from Pinterest.
I also managed to photograph the layouts I've done recently. I've been trying to catch up on the (many) scrappy Sunday challenges I've missed over at Like for ever. One challenge was to:
I knew exactly what photo I wanted to use. I've got so many photos of my two cuddled up together, this is one of my faves as Caitlin wasn't feeling too well so Cameron tucked her in, cuddled up next to her and scamp decided to join them.
I love how close they are :)
Can't believe how far this kit is going, managed 8 layouts so far and still have lots of embellishments and 3 sheets of 12x12 left!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I love your layout and how you take photos of the everyday. When mine were younger I didn't do this very often and wish I had. The Hama bead wreath is amazing x

  2. Pinky Pie is brilliant! But your layout is stunning ~ I wish my two had been that close growing up! x

  3. Beautiful layout, I love what you do with the hama beads (please before Duke's Farm next year can you remind me that I have a bag of beads for you - left over from my efforts to make my own enamel dots LOL!!) Thanks for signing up for Blogtober - look forward to seeing your daily posts x

  4. Such a pretty layout and a cute photo. Glad you got a break at the weekend even if it meant sleeping on the sofa for the day! That wreath is amazing too x


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