Monday, 7 September 2015

Note to self

This months challenge over at Challenge YOUrself was to use this sketch
and use the words 'Note to self'. Funnily enough, a few days before Mark had been really sweet and bought me some of my fave cookies and I'd decided to make a layout listing all the ways he showed he loves me; so I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this challenge. :)
I had planned to do the list on the front but decided it would make the page too busy so I've done it on the back. I won't bore you with the whole list but it includes things like:

- He always leaves me the last croissant.
- He doesn't mind that I always have a doggy bag whenever we go out to eat. Leftovers for the next day always taste better.
- He buys me surprises like a Frozen sticker book, My little pony badges and sticky gems.
- When I get crazy obsessions, like being SURE I've lost the passports at 2am he doesn't get mad he goes along with it, helping me pull everything out of the wardrobe to get to the paperwork box in the back.
- When I do odd things, like suddenly screaming at him 'The bridge! Take a photo of the bridge!' while we're driving, he doesn't bat an eyelid, takes the photo and simply says 'Scavenger hunt?'
- While he does reign me in every now and again, hes never been angry at me with my sometimes OTT spending habits.
- Even when he's exhausted and just wants to lie down in a dark room, he's never missed a single assembly, play or award presentation at the school or clubs.

It actually ended up being a longer list than even I predicted lol.
So there we go, a super soppy layout. It looks fairly simple but I loved putting it together as it reminded me of all the things Mark does for me. Due to the nature of our relationship (me being his carer as well as his wife) the whole romance thing takes a very far back seat, so it was lovely to make a note of all the less traditional ways he shows he cares. Plus might keep it close to hand for the next time Mark is driving me mad, keep me calm ;)


  1. Gemma that's is so lovely and what more could you ask for eh? Your page is gorgeous too - I love how the thickets pull all the colours together too x

  2. Such a lovely layout and a wonderful list too. Your hubby sounds like a true gent.

  3. I love your wonderful page, Gemma! Your message is great! And I love your take on the sketch, too!

  4. That's so lovely Gemma, not soppy at all!


Thanks for your comments. :)