Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Wow its been a while since my last post lol. I'd like to say its because I've been so busy I haven't had time but to be honest I just haven't done anything blog worthy!
I finished the Christmas chocolate boxes I was making, sorted out the loft and generally got on with the whole 'groundhog day' never ending cleaning in the house.
One slightly interesting thing was I found our wedding album in the loft. We never had a proper wedding as it was all pulled forwards as Mark wasn't expected to last the week. As a result our photographer was my Mum lol.
I got the bright idea of scrapbooking the photos we did have, which I had only just started getting into. While I was proud of these at the time, they're are cringeworthy now.
Sadly besides these, which I've butchered lets be honest, I've only got the two photos left, so will wait until I have something really pretty for those I think. :)


  1. Remove the photo from the page - from experience this may involve careful cutting! Mat it on paper as you would now and with careful embellishing around some of the picture you can improve the page no end.

  2. They are lovely photos so you need to enjoy these pages x


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