Sunday, 6 September 2015


Ok I've been AWOL. But between problems with the internet, running errands and going out blogging has been very diffiuilt.
So here I am again with a catch up of the past few days :) Friday the kids went back to school, so obviously I took the 'back to school' photo that all parents do. Look how smart my babies look!
I was worried about how Caitlin would handle moving up to the Juniors but despite some tears the night before she took it all in her stride. Fingers crossed shes the same on Monday when the novelty has worn off a little.
I made the most of the day by getting all the winter clothes down from the loft, sorting and washing them. I had no idea how much there was! Besides shoes I can safely say Caitlin and Cameron need NO new clothes over the winter!
Saturday was our coach trip to the Harry Potter studio tour. Mark and Mum had bought me the tickets for my birthday so I was very excited. We get there, I take one photo, and my camera dies!!! Gutted. Luckily Marks phone has a pretty good camera so he took lots of photos.
Was an amazing day out and I would recommend it to any fans of the films. It's not a whole day trip, we arrived at 9 and though we took it slow and looked at everything we were done by 12. Seeing how much work they put into the film was incredible, I suppose I imagine most things being done by computer now but there was so much still done by hand.
Like I said we were done by 12 and home by 3, so Mum and I decided to try our new cinema and went to see 'No escape'.
No matter how many times I tell her to, my Mum NEVER watches an ad before we go see a film. She prefers it to be a surprise. Sometimes that works out well, other times, like last night, it results in her saying things like 'Oh my god what am I doing here' 15 minutes into the film lol. To say it was an edge of your seat thriller was an understatement. Mum was wound up so tight that when a boy asked to get past to go to the toilet she nearly hit him as she didn't know who he was. I was crying with laughter at points due to her which wasn't really approptiate to the film but oh well. ;)
So today Caitlin had a party to go to. I went along and had planned to stay as she had insisted she wanted me to. Fair enough. We get there, she sees her friends, gives me a kiss, says Bye and actually pushed me towards the door. Dismissed then! Worked out great though as I went and got a coffee and had a lovely morning browsing shops peacefully.
Was a bit of a shock to go and collect her to find this lol.
The party was at a Claires accessories shop, and the kids each got a £10 voucher to spend as a party favour. £10 not that well spent in my opinion but Caitlin was happy :)
Ok so I've chatted long enough now. Kids are happily playing and Marks sleeping so going to do some housework before cooking dinner. Hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend!

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  1. Lovely back to school photo. And I hate to tell you but my DD at nearly 13 still spends her money strangely/unwisely - but as you say, it makes them happy.


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