Saturday, 12 September 2015


Its 8:10 on a saturday night and I'm ready for my bed lol. In my defence its been a busy day.
Remember how I said the other day about me getting crazy obsessions? Well this morning it was that I HAD to pull all the boxes out of the loft, sort them all out and re-lay the loft boards. So now I'm exhaused!!! It didn't help that I went to relax in a nice warm bath, discovered it was FREEZING! Then remembered I turned the boiler off last night because the noise was driving me crazy. Woops!
So before I go to bed (with the electric blanket on hot!) I thought I'd share a layout I did a while ago. I bought some Bo Bunny kits from my friend Carin and this had loads of huge journalling tags. I wasn't likely to use them all so being determined to kill the kit I decided to use them as a background.
I called this layout 'Celebrate' as breakfast in our house is usually pretty dull. I don't have much of an appetite in the morning and nor does Caitlin. In fact the only one who really eats is Cameron but nothing new there! lol. On holiday though we all sit and eat together and as its holiday I do tend to let the kids eat what they want (to a limit!) which explains the plate of doughnuts and cakes next to Caitlin. Note the banana though! I did draw the line a little lol.
Right well I'm off to get snuggled under a very warm blanket with a good book. Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend :D


  1. What is wrong with donuts for breakfast?
    I too struggle to use tags on a LO and usually get rid of them but I do like how you have used yours x

  2. Those are cute tags, you've used them wonderfully here. What a happy layout!


Thanks for your comments. :)