Thursday, 10 September 2015

Quiet time

I've been attempting to blog for the past few days but time keeps getting away from me! The kids have been dropped off at school, Marks sleeping so I'm settling down with a coffee to blog hop and blog myself :)
First off I warn you, the 'C' word IS going to be used a lot in this post so if you dont want to read it until November/December leave now......Still here? Ok then :)

So as I warned, Christmas prep has started in force here. I got all the bits I had bought in the sales down from the loft and sorted through them all. The crafting list has been started and the 90 boxes I need to make and decorate for the kids class gifts have been begun!
I like doing boxes and things like that as it is great for using up scraps. You can see I have a lot of those! So I've stolen the kids table, and set up what Mark calls my throne lol, basically I use the table to cut myself off while I sit in the circle chair and craft. Maybe enjoy a cookie or two too ;)
As well as making boxes I've been shopping and planning. Like any Mum, when my kids have their hearts set on something I'll move heaven and earth to get it for them. Not in the 'spoiled brat gets everything they ask for' way, but when they ask for something reasonable, I don't want to dissapoint them.
On that note, when Caitlin said she wanted to be a rainbow for Halloween I put my thinking cap on. I googled, which didn't bring up anything promising (doesn't this kid look thrilled!?) then I asked about but nobody had anything suitable.
It wasn't until Caitlin went to a party Sunday that I got an idea. While there she found a neon rainbow tutu and matching pompom headband. So Mum and I went shopping, picked those up along with matching gloves, tights and hair bobbles. I have a few more ideas (including a brilliant one from my friend Fiona) so watch this space ;) Loving the pom poms though lol.
Back to Christmas, but still on difficuilt requests lol, the one thing Caitlin has asked Santa for this year is a toy shop. She loves to play shops and wants one of her own.
A simple request you would think, but being a tall 7 year old it seemed impossible to find one large enough for her that wasn't an insane cost (a simple wooden one I saw was £650!!!!) So I put my Dad on the case and look what he made!
Ok it doesn't look too impressive at the moment but once I've painted it, added a few accessories and a banner I think it will look great :) Eeeeekkkkk so excited!!!!!


  1. Ha! That child looks highly delighted to be a rainbow! I'm excited about the shop too. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Brilliant? I'll take that!

  2. How clever of your Dad that looks like it will be a fab shop - and of you for that super start on the rainbow outfit. x


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