Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Its December!!!!!! In our house that means one thing, Star comes back to play!
Caitlin has been talking about this for ages, she is SO excited! I love how it is all so real for her still. I think Cameron is a little bit more doubting but bless him he hasn't said anything in Caitlins presence.
Tradition is that Star always brings a Christmas themed breakfast on the first day. Obviously she needs a little help with this so Mummy was up at 6am, making pancakes and burning her hand on the frying pan lol.
To keep the illusion up that I had nothing to do with it I went back to bed and waited for Cameron to get up, and waited, and waited. Seriously! The boy is up at 7am at the LATEST everyday! This morning though nooooooo. 7:15 Mark and I were trying to subtly bang on his wall to wake him then rushing back to bed.
Still fast asleep.
Eventually gave up and woke him lol. Child was sent to try my patience!
Naughty elf has also stole my scissors and cut stars out which she stuck all over the house. Hope tomorrows plan is a little less messy!
So I've been back from my Milton Keynes crafting trip for weeks now and haven't got around to sharing any of my layouts yet, so here's one at least :)
Simple one of Scamp that was the last one I did on the trip. I had planned to add more to it but to be honest I was a bit scrapped out by that point. Turned out the kids and Mark all loved this one the best out of all I did lol. I think the 'Meh' speech bubble pretty much sums up Scamps face :)
So here we are in December, and I am SOOOOO behind on my crafting list! Im away again with my Mum this Friday, Caitlin has a sleepover Saturday and then is on a trip Sunday. Better get a move on!

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  1. It's a fab layout. Really chuckled at Cameron not waking up .... don't they always do stuff like that to mess up your plans? HAPPY DECEMBER!!!


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