Monday, 1 February 2016

Counterfeit kit

Yey!!!! It's February!! I know it sounds daft but honestly I just feels better January is over and done with.
That said dinner didn't quite go to plan hehe. I was making curry for me and Mark so knowing the kids wouldn't eat it (it was a spicy one) I pulled out a quick ready meal to make for them.
The box said best before 15.05.2016. But when I looked at the pack it said 2015 :\
I think the 2015 date was right :|
So hot dogs and rice it was. Not the best meal ever but kids were happy with it.
As it's the first of the month, that means a new kit to copy over at the Counterfeit kit blog. I took place a lot last year but then on the run up to Christmas I lost track. Shame as it's a great way to use up random bits I have.
This months kit was from Mind the scrap, and is full of pretty colours and arrows.
First were papers. I found it easy to follow along as there was a list with links on the page :) I added a few extra sheets as there didn't seem many in the kit.
Then embellishments. The papers seemed quite muted so I've added in embellishments that are easy to mist or ink so I can add bright colours if I decide to later.
So there is my kit! I was going to get a picture of the papers and embellishments together but was hard enough getting those ones while fending of Scamp trying to sit on everything so I gave up.
He's lucky he's cute!

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  1. Urgg - mouldy food really makes my stomach turn. I can't many children moaning about having hot dogs for tea though!


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