Sunday, 21 February 2016

Ok so it is Sunday now (well Monday but let just pretend)

Ok so technically as I blog it's Monday as its 1:30. BUT I haven't been to sleep yet so in my mind it's still Sunday, and I'm going to cheat and move this post back to Sunday.
I can't sleep, if you can't guess. Annoying as about 9pm I could barely keep my eyes open but as soon as my head hit the pillow that was it, wide awake! Rather than lying there and willing myself to sleep I gave up, came back downstairs and managed to catch up on some TV and empty the ironing basket. So the time wasn't wasted anyway :)
Today has just raced by, which might be why my brain is having trouble winding down thinking about it, but anyway; Caitlin was off out early this morning as she was off swimming with her friend, Cameron was happily watching TV and I looked around and realised what a MESS my house was.
Don't get me wrong, its not 'Hoarders' level by a long shot but with a small house it just feels like theres so much stuff in it and it can feel a little overwhelming at times. I do declutter on a regular basis but somehow it seems to breed.
So that was it, I started my spring cleaning. 3 bin bags full in the bin, 2 boxes of bits to car boot put into the garage and 2 more bin bags full of clothes and toys for the charity shop I felt much better :)
Like most crafters however my stash is, well a lot. Not by a lot of peoples standards but to me it is and it makes me reluctant to start anything as I just pull more and more out, create a mess and then don't know where to go from there.
Thats what my bed looked like the other night, with just my scraps pulled out and nothing else. Determined to do something about it I've took any scraps smaller than 6x6, and I'm either turning them into die cuts or other embellishments to use. I'm not usually a big fan of this because I panic 'well what if I cut a flower from that yellow paper then discover it would be perfect to cut a star out of it for a layout? Ahhhhhh!!!' but I'm forcing myself to get past this and just cut the bloody stuff. I'm off on a retreat in 2 weeks and I'm aiming to get it all done and organised by then. I've got 5 mini books and lots of PL style layouts to do before then so that should help too.
As a result my desk is currently covered in little boxes full of die cuts, bows and pin wheels. Caitlin wasted no time when she got back from swimming and picked out these bits to make a birthday card for her friend.
I did try and steer her towards slightly more complimenting colours but we only had an hour between swimming to get her bathed, dressed and 2 towns away to the party so I didn't have time to argue too much. She was happy with it anyway so I just kept my mouth shut and stuck it down while she used far more of my Lush bath products than I thought necessary, grrr.
The party was at a roller disco which before now I didn't know exsisted. Caitlin had a great time though so sure we will be going back.
Funnily enough for a girl who took to ice skating like a fish to water she struggled with the roller skates. Bless her though she kept trying, I was close behind catching her as she fell, it was like teaching her to walk again lol.
Luckily she caught on quick enough and it wasn't long before I was shooed away to sit with the other parents.
It was torture! Everytime a kid fell you could see all the Mums wincing, wondering should we go help? Are they ok? Will we just embarrass them? The party only lasted an hour but felt much longer.
The kids all loved it, the parents all felt like we'd been through emotional torture. Fun Sunday night. lol.

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  1. Well I applaud the fact that you tackled the ironing when you couldn't sleep! A good de-cluttering is always nice too. Have a great week!


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