Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mothers day for my Mum

I'm a bad daughter. It's mothers day next weekend and I'm off with my friends leaving Mum at home with Mark and the kids.
To be fair I didn't realise it was mothers day at the time, plus Im a Mum myself so I'm allowed to have a nice mothers day too.
Mum's not actually upset, shes fine with it of course :) But I still felt guilty so we had her Mothers day a week early to make up for it.
So we started off with a quick glass of wine and a selfie :) My Dad was nice enough to drive us and pick us up so I could have a drink too.
Considering I've not eaten in 3 days due to illness I'm amazed I wasn't on the floor after the first glass lol.
For Mums gift Id booked for us both to get our nails done.
Didn't start off too great as they didn't have the colour Mum wanted but she picked a purple in the end and they looked lovely. I was a little more adventurous and had these cherry blossoms.
Nails done we went for cocktails and food. Mum drank WAY more than me and was pretty gone by the time Dad came to pick us up lol.
It was a lovely day :) Only the one panicked phonecall from home and Mum really relaxed and enjoyed herself.
Mothers day mission accomplished.

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