Friday, 26 February 2016

Poorly me :(

I'm so bored!
Seriously I'm the worlds worst patient. I've been poorly with a bad tummy for 3 days and it feels like months.
Luckily I'm not often ill. See pain I can deal with. If something hurts, headache, backache etc, I can grit my teeth, pop a paracetamol and get on with it. I HATE feeling sick. Sick, queasy, dizzy, I don't deal well with that at all.
So with not being able to do a huge amount, I've thrown myself into the 'get rid of scraps' quest I've set myself.
So I sorted all papers into 3 piles. Any papers larger than 6x6 went into pile one. This I can use for photo matting, backgrounds in the books and pocket page layouts I'm currently working on.
Pile 2 are all bits smaller than 4x4. I can use this to matt the smaller photos or for die cutting embellishments.
Anything smaller than 4x4 moves into the scraps box to be used as extra bits or to punch shapes from. When I first started this box was overflowing. My aim is to be able to get the lid on for the first time in I don't know how long!
I'm liking this system as its much easier to sort through the smaller piles rather than a huge box and as a result I'm working much faster.
Well I WAS until disaster struck :(
RIP my corner rounder :(
To be fair it's a fair age. I think I got it when I first joined Sarahs cards kits so we're going back at least 6 years. I can still kind of use it without the guide it's just harder and doesn't cut as cleanly.
Oh well I'll make do.
I'll leave you with this charming video I made of my little shadow :)

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