Friday, 19 February 2016

Half term and SIPIDI

Half term crazyness as usual here. Have managed some crafting though :)
For Valintines day I saw origami hearts on pinterest. Mark has a lot of moments of feeling down so I had the idea to make lots of little paper hearts, each with a memory or reason I love him written inside. That way he has a little jar of happiness for the times he needs it :)
Cute little heart.
and finished jar. :) Mark was touched when I gave it to him so job done!
We don't really 'do' Valintines day so to avoid all the hype we took the kids, dogs and parents for a walk in the woods. Was a really lovely morning. :)
My Mum's dog Poppie is very different from Scamp. She's a girl so for one I think she's smarter ;) for example if we let Scamp off his lead he would probably see something interesting, chase it, then look up and hour later and think 'crap, where am I?!' Poppie will run so far ahead then sit and wait.
Cameron turned this into a game and would run and hide so Poppie had to find him. Kept the kids busy for ages!
So I have actually managed to get a lot of crafting done this week. No 12x12 unfortunatly but I've started another 9 PL style layouts, started 3 mini books and made a load of embellishments too.
So no 12x12 done but lots of little bits and bobs used!
One of the PL style layouts I finished.
This book I did with Caitlin. Mollie came round for a crafting day so I made her a little Bind it all book but Caitlin wanted to use her Stampin up books I bought her last Christmas. Problem was she had drawn a picture of scamp on the front. Mummy and silver paint came to the rescue though and she loved how it looked when finished.
Left to her own devices there would have been a LOT more on this cover, but I managed to convince her less is more ;)
Funnily enough when it came to inside the books she was actually very minimal!

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