Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Recently I've been looking at monthly subscription boxes. I love getting happy mail so was looking into trying something new.
I'm guessing as a result of my google searches my inbox has become full of '50% off first month' vouchers and trial offers for these.
I love a bargain :) So we signed up for a couple to test them. One of which was degustabox. The idea behind this is you pay £13 a month and they send you a box of mixed products which have just come on the market to test out. Sounded fun :)
Ours came yesterday. I love parcels with little stickers on :) Doesn't take much to impress me lol.
and this was the contents.
So pros and cons.

- You can try things you might not have bothered with otherwise. In this box there was a bar of chocolate called 'conscious chocolate' which was raw, organic, vegan, hand-made etc etc. Normally I wouldn't have given this a second look in the shop but it was YUM!
- What you get is a surprise. This is a two sided coin of course but it's nice to have a little surprise in the post I think.
- It's cheaper than buying the individual items. The value of all the items in the box was about £20 if memory serves. So if I had paid full price for the box it would be £7 off. There were also some money off vouchers for if I decided to buy the products in store which was a nice bonus.

- What you get is a surprise. We were lucky in that we liked almost everything in the box (the Clarks fruit syrup reminded me of lactulose medication, yuk) however if you're a little fussier this isn't for you.
- You won't get everything advertised. Each month they do a sum up on their website of what they sent out. You don't get everything they list just a selection of it, so you might end up wishing you got someone else's box.
- You don't pick flavours. As above they send different flavours out to different people, I would have prefered the dark chocolate bar rather than the normal for example but you get what you are given.
- Packaging could be better. Our cereal was pretty bashed which isn't too big a deal but I've read of others having smashed jars etc in their boxes.

Will we keep this going? No. For £6 it was a nice change but I don't think the risk is worth £13 a month. I get the feeling we'd end up with items we'd use because we have it, but we wouldn't have bought it iykwim.


  1. So true, you aren't really saving money if you would not have chosen to buy something normally. (I try to apply this to sales shopping too!) :)

  2. It's fun to get a surprise parcel, but I don't use much "packet" food so it wouldn't be for me. I love Finn Crisp though and have a pack in the cupboard right now!


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