Thursday, 11 February 2016

Happy post and chilling out :)

Been one of those weeks where I don't know where it's gone! Sped by in a flurry of cleaning, appointments and other bits and bobs I guess.
Monday I helped out on Caitlins class trip to Warwick castle. I've never been before so it was new to both of us. A lot of it was closed because of the stormy weather but we all had a great time anyway. :)
Was such a weight off my mind too to see Caitlin with her friends, she's such a popular, easy going kid at school and it was lovely to see. :)
Tuesday was Marks check up in Birmingham which turned out fine. Always a day of worry so that's crossed off the list for the next 3 months at least.
Yesterday was cleaning and having our new oven installed. We have a light in this one so can see the food while it's cooking. Strangely addictive lol.
So busy here, but not really much of substance going on. Lots of cuddles inside from the bad weather, reading watching tv and general family time.
I also got some happy mail. yey! Chocolate through the post, add a little bottle of wine and there's no need to leave the house!
This was from James chocolate treat club Its usually £9 a box but I had a voucher for £3 to try it. In my box were Caramel and Vanilla sea salt discs, salted pretzel slabs, caramalised orange bar and cinnamon and butterscotch.
All where very yum but the cinnamon was amazing! The servings weren't huge, but the quality was lovely.
Is it worth keeping? According to my husband no, but if you ask me one box a month is a nice treat.
Ok so you can get a lot more dairy milk at the corner shop for £9 but the different flavours and high quality is worth it I think. :)

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