Saturday, 20 February 2016

Is it Sunday?

I'm sure it's Sunday, the calender says Saturday but it feels like Sunday. :\
Today has been a very chilled out, pj day. I put on my jogging trackies (with Olaf from frozen on of course) when I got up this morning and thats as dressed as I've got today.
I've been cleaning, baking (salted caramel and chocolate cake, yum!) and making scraps into bows and die cuts. I may have got slightly addicted to this so made a box full in the end :) Used up scraps anyway!
I downloaded this book to read when I can :) A week or so ago we went to a Harry Potter event at our local Waterstones. The kids had a great time playing and doing quizzes so I did what a bookworm does when unsupervised in a bookshop. I hid in the corner on the pile of coats and read a book :)
I started this one and loved what I managed to read (before Mark pointed out I was a grown up and had to supervise the children, ugh) so was thrilled when I got a notification from Amazon that it had been reduced from £8 to £1!!
Last night we promised Cameron a family game night. We ended up staying at my Mums with a takeaway however so that was moved to tonight.
Yeah the kids beat us on both Pictionary and Headbands. Though to be fair I'm dreadful at drawing, good at guessing but dreadful at drawing lol. It looks one way in my head but doesn't look the same on paper.
Poor Cam takes after me, Caitlin however is amazing at this game so think she'd win no matter who she played with!
So tomorrow is a busy/dull day. Caitlin is going swimming with her friend so will be entertaining cam in the morning. Then need to drive almost an hour to take Caitlin to a birthday party for the sake of sitting in the car for an hour while she plays at a roller disco, then another hour home.
The things I do for my kids! :p


  1. Your cake sounds amazing! We are a family of game players too. I never was good at Pictionalry---can't draw a thing that's recognizable! Headbanz ---on the other hand---love it!! I'll have to check out that book.


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