Friday, 7 October 2016

Challenge YOUrself

Little late in posting this, but I seem to be running late with everything this month.
Been a bit much around here. Few legal issues, few health issues, doing some work in the house etc. Days are filling up very quickly!
But new month means new challenge over at Challenge YOUrself. This months was a nice easy colour challenge. I have a lot of kits made up from my stash so it's pretty simple to grab one based on theme or colour, such as Autumn in this case.
Picking a photo however was a little trickier. I've just had a huge amount of photos developed but most of those are from our Summer holiday so very bright, sunny photos. Then I found this selfie I took when we picked Caitlin up from her brownie camp. Her uniform goes perfectly with these colours so despite it only having half my and Marks face in it I decided to use it.

Journaling reads:
A whole day, one whole day with no contact with my baby girl. Dropping you off at Brownie camp on Friday was so hard! But you loved it! All the activities, the games, you were buzzing when we picked you up on Sunday.'

I suppose I better get used to her being away from me, shes signed up to go on a 3 day residential with her school next March!


  1. Lovely layout - the photo is perfect for the colours and it looks very arty with just half your faces in it. I use to love Brownie holidays we use to go away for a whole week camping in a church hall - I always felt like we were 100s of miles away from home, but Mum tells me that we were only 5 miles away LOL!!

  2. I absolutely love this photo, Gemma! And your layout is amazing! Thanks!!


Thanks for your comments. :)