Thursday, 27 October 2016

Forever and ever

I'm a very lucky girl, look what I got!!!!!! Very early Christmas gift from my very sweet and generous family :) I was sooooooooo excited!
Amazed at how idiot proof it is. I'm dreadful with technology but I've managed to download patterns from the shop, make my own designs, woohoo! Still lots to learn but I've loving playing with it at the moment :)
This layout does use a diecut but its one my friend sent me not one I did myself. May try and find it and use it again though :)
The photo my Mum took with her phone when we were in Disney. Was a simple shot but ended up being one of my fave from the weekend. The die cut was such a focus I didn't really do much else but love this layout.

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  1. Enjoy that you lucky lucky girl. Love the layout too.


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