Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Is it luck or is it skill?

Another super old photo scrapped here! Had a load developed but still trying to use up the older ones first.
This was taken in one of the Haven parks, I think it was in Skegness but not positive. Cameron loved watching me play on the crane machines but as we all known they're fixed so winning is very rare. He asked me lots of times if he could have a go but knowing he could be disappointed I convinced him not to play; then we found a 'prize every time' machine ;)
Obviously I didn't tell him that, lol. He had a great time and thought he was the best player ever!
Soooo behind on scrapping and blogging, this month has seriously just run away with me :( Hoping to get a bit more on top of things now rather than letting them get on top of me.

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