Monday, 24 October 2016

Hi Santa

Its Monday isn't it? and we're still in October? I swear I have no idea anymore. On one hand this month has sped by, days are blurring into each other with appointments, bills, jobs to do etc, but on the other hand it seems like its been October for a loooooooooong time.
I think not working, staying home with mark daily and basically basing the days of he week on the kids activities and whats on TV that night really messes up my internal calender. That said I'm not the brightest bulb in the box at times so could be that too, hehe.
So its half term here! We had a few appointments Saturday and the kids were very patient so we took them to the cinema Sunday as a treat. A friend had given us free tickets to go see Storks so bonus :) OK film, kids liked it but didn't gush about it like they do sometimes when we see a film. Think it was a bit silly at times.
Today Cam had one of his friends round to play. We'd never met him before so was a little nervous as I've met some of the kids in his class and well, they're not the nicest kids. This little boy though was so sweet and polite, thrilled he's found such a nice kids to be friends with. Cameron doesn't have the easiest time making friends as there are a lot of social situations he struggles with, so huge weight off my mind he's found a nice new friend. :)
Tomorrow is Caitlins turn to have a friend over but Lucy we have known for years so no surprises there. Well prepared for lots of giggling, screaming, probably glitter or paint being spilled, the usual girly stuff ;)
So I know we're still in October but I've almost finished my Christmas shopping, yey! In my defense as the kids are getting older they're asking for pricier things, which is fine but obviously means they don't get as much so shopping is done much quicker.
To make the pennies stretch further I bought a lot in the 3 for 2 Argos sale at the start of the month, cashed in a ton of vouchers for Amazon and ordered a few bits from China which take an AGE to come but are pennies compared to UK prices. I love my bargains!
So I'm still working on some of the many, many Christmas photos I've taken and not scrapped. This one is a good 4/5 years old.
Journaling reads:
You guys had a great time at my Homestart Christmas party. The DJ was seriously loud, and the queue to see Santa was huge, but you were all so well behaved and patient. Mollie was not a big fan of Santa so she waited outside but we still got her a gift. I'm so proud of you all.'
I'll be taking new Christmas photos soon!!!!!! *excited squeal!*

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  1. Sweet page. If it makes you feel any better I'm just now scrapping Christmas pics that are 15 years old. I have started to think about Christmas presents but haven't made any decisions or purchases yet. There's still lots of time yet.


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