Friday, 28 October 2016


Another busy day! Took the kids up town to buy bits for the Christmas shoebox appeal. Basically you fill a shoebox with toys and little bits and it's sent to a child who is in need. Usually coming up to Christmas we go through the kids rooms and donate toys and clothes to charity, but we did this at the end of Summer so doubt there will be much yet so thought this would be a good alternative.
Of course it was difficuilt. Everything we found seems to either be tat, really expencive, made of tiny bits that will break in moments or takes batteries. Caitlin also had her heart set on getting a skipping rope to put in. Easy enough you would think? Nope, took us AGES to find one!
So 4 hours of shopping later we were home and time to chill out. Or in my case, paying bills online and doing questionnaires. Tomorrow is babysitting and cleaning. Rock and roll!
Managing to do a little scrapping too, not this one granted but still lol. I love layouts that let me use lots of scraps and little embellishments and this one was perfect.
I'm making quick progress on my Christmas projects so hopefully will have time for more scrapping, woohoo!

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  1. That is a really sweet layout with all the squares and bits. I'm working on Christmas cards - finally.


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