Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Picture perfect

Well today was over as soon as it began lol. One of Caitlins friends came to play, then my Gran came for dinner, time to walk the dog, then baths, movie, and before I know it its 10pm!
So no scrapping today :( Almost finished the kids Christmas eve boxes though so plodding on with those. :)
The is a layout I did for a challenge on a facebook group. You had to scrap in a different size than usual so as I only usually do 12x12 I did 8 1/2 by 11. Less space to work with so slightly plainer layout.
I used the City break kit from Like for ever here, and a photo of Caitlin from Disneyland last year. For some reason she loves the popcorn there, doesn't like it anywhere else, just there lol. I was teasing her and saying I would take it so she was shoving as much as she could in her mouth to stop me when she just burst out laughing and I caught this photo. :) Dignified, no, adorable, yes :)

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