Tuesday, 31 August 2010

MY corner :)

Was planning to blog last night but started watching Sex in the city 2 and got distracted. lol. To be honest wasn't really impressed with the film. Was a bit like porn in places and was really daft. But I LOVE putting my headphones on, putting a film on the laptop and sitting scrapping. :)
Being a mum and wife in a house with desperate need for DIY means I don't get too much 'me' time, so blocking out the outside world and doing something I love means SO much to me. :)
Well last night I was halfway through a layout then discovered I've lost two of my favorite stamps. :( At the moment all my stamps are stuffed into a little bag, so vowing to sort them out I started making a book to keep them in. :)
Not finished yet but heres an idea of what I've done so far.

Quite pleased with it. :) Was planning on finishing tonight but been up since 6 after going bed at 2 so hitting me now. lol. Couldn't sleep so got up early, did lots of cleaning and made everyone their fave brekkies. Cameron had jam, toast and cereal, Caitlin porridge and Mark home made chocolate chip pancakes. Felt very Martha Stuart shouting everyone down for breakfast. lol


  1. Really must sort my stamps out too Gemma - how do you get them to stick in the book if thats not a silly question

  2. Hope you find the stamps Gemma - hopefully they are just mislaid in the house and they will turn up when you least expect it.


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