Thursday, 25 November 2010


Mess. thats whats on it. I did tidy it up on Sunday so really I should be pleased it's lasted so long! Also the best mug EVER! Our cat always bloody trys to drink my tea so a mug with a lid is ace. :)

We took Caitlin to get her photo taken for her passport today. Personally I think it's a bit daft that kids ones last 5 years. I get its just too expencive and a logistical nightmare to do it too often but Camerons photo was taken when he was 6 months and it now looks nothing like him. I think its some kind of unwritten law though that your passport photo must be dreadful. Marks honestly looks like one of those terrorist mugshots. With his long hair and glaring at the camera. Cameron looks daft as he had a cold so had to breathe through his mouth so his tongue is sticking out, and I look like the walking dead as I was 6 months prengnant and dealing with a sick Cameron at the time! Caitlins is no different. lol. she was NOT happy about getting her picture taken and the photo certainly shows that. The phrase 'if looks could kill' come to mind.
More layouts. :)
Cameron getting his cake for his birthday. Thomas, big surprise. lol

Love this photo. Think the flash went off the red or something but makes it look really evil. lol

Have dancing tomorrow with Caitlin, then really should sort out the wardrobe a bit. The christmas gifts are taking over! lol

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  1. A very clever effect GEmma even if it was accidental - he still looks really cheruby even when dressed as a devil.

    K x


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