Wednesday, 10 November 2010


A broken camrea charger! Had my camera on charge and the kids got a hold of it and managed to put off the plug part. :( So waiting for a new one in the post. Using hubbys at the moment but don't like it. lol.
But in the meantime heres a few more layouts I've managed. :)
Cameron on his birthday, getting the obvious!

This was for a challenge on uks but didnt upload in time. This is a photo catilin took of herself when she was using my camera one time. Love how proud she looks.

Caitlin dancing in Butlins

Love, love, LOVE this cardstock. Got it from the range on sale, keep meaning to go see if theres more but not had a chance yet.

Ok so short and sweet! lol. Been volunteering at a homestart fundrasier today so tired!


  1. Adore Caitlin by Caitlin - that is so funny and she has taken a very good picture.

  2. Fab lo's Gemma, as always




Thanks for your comments. :)