Thursday, 25 November 2010

Where has this month gone!

I really should know what date it is as I look at my calender every day, but I still cant belive how quick this month has gone! I think its because a lots gone on so times flown really. It always made me laugh when I was younger and my mum and other adults would say 'Christmas has snuck up on me this year' thinking 'well how can it its the same time every year!' But now I'm the one organising it all I get it! lolMore layouts. lol, these were for challenges but took me so long to photograph was a bit late!
Kids at cheeky monkeys. lol, hense the title.

The challenge for this was what would you do with an extra hour, my jurnalling reads how I'd spend it with my kids. :)

One of my two with my neice Evie. :)

Snow allowing I'm taking the kids out to see peppa pig tomorrow. Will either go down really well or really badly! lol

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  1. Lovely layouts Gemma - hope you don't get the snow - I am praying that we don't get any here as I hate the stuff.

    K x


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