Monday, 22 November 2010

Just ironing tomorrow! lol

Its a bad sign when I'm looking forward to just doing ironing. lol. Seems like its been non stop from the word go lately! Been doing lots of little crafty projects, diy, housework, but really pleased as seeing the results. :)
Well as the kids have been such stars recently in letting me get on I promised I'd do something special with them. My original plan was to take them out on their bikes but its been SO windy and foggy here that went out the window! So made a gingerbread house with them instead. :)
They really enjoyed it and are getting so excited about Christmas which I love. They're old enough now to understand the whole santa thing so are much more involved. They were really good with the house too, being really gentle putting the sweets on. lol

This is the finished result. The kids were more than happy to eat the leftover sweets. lol.

As well as the DIY I've been doing some layouts. I'll stagger them though as done about 9 at my crop. lol.
This is Caitlin in her dads cap, such a girly girl she is. lol

This really went wrong, lol. I wanted to cut the circle into a quarter and use it in the corner. Don't know what happened when I cut it but didn't work out that way so just adapted it as best I could. Quite like it though. Used one of my new tim holtz dies too.

Ok I admit I got bored with this one. lol. Did the bottom then planned to decorate the top under the tile. Didn't though and just shoved it on. :)

Planning a nice night for me and hubby tomorrow as not spent much nice time together lately. Fingers crossed it goes well. lol. Things tend to go wrong when we plan nice things!

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  1. Fab layouts Gemma and I love the wee gingerbread house - hope to see those piccies on a layout soon.

    Karen x


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