Monday, 22 November 2010

Christmas list!

As I said yesterday the kids are really excited about christmas this year. I've shot myself in the foot a little as I told them when they open the last door on their advent calenders santa will come. So now they think its some kind of magic box and want me to open it all now! lol. My own fault really.
Well today hubby accidently left the wardrobe open with Cameron in the room and he spotted one of his gifts. Woops. I told him it was for his equally Thomas mad cousin Evie which calmed him down because he adores her. But to cheer him up I suggested we make christmas lists to send to santa so he knew what to bring. This worked and cheered him right up. lol. Obviouslt he cant write very well so he had to tell me what he wanted while I wrote it down. Wasn't surprised at most of them, 'Misty island lego, thomas nightlight (got them both wrapped already. :) ) But he also asked for a peppa pig dvd for Caitlin (so cute!) and a blue jacket, (his is green, obviously not thomas like enough. lol)
In my Diy maddness I forgot to share the bonfire night photos. :) We went to our local council display which wasn't too bad considering the problems they've had latly. I got a quite nice photo of me and Caitlin.

Can you tell it was raining. lol Kids enjoyed splashing in muddy puddles though. peppa pig has a lot to answer for!

Also forgot about this. Bargain! We went to the argos warehouse the other day to try and find curtain poles. We went when the kids were at nursery so we didn't end up buying stuff for them. Well we ended up buying stuff for them. lol. Wasnt toys though was more practical! Got a couple of bits for Caitlins room and this cute little table. Its got a bit in the middle cut out where you can store pencils and the like. £15 down from £60. :)

Some more layouts. This was was scraplifted from scrapbook magazine (i think it was)

An olllld photo with some more new dies. :)

Got to love it. they LOVE dressing in hats and scarfs in summer, see when I try and get them to wear them now, no chance!!!

Nursery tomorrow and hopefully finishing off the kitchen!

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  1. More lovely layouts - I especially love the pingu one.

    Karen x


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