Monday, 15 November 2010

Blogging from iPhone!

Well since I got my iPhone I don't go on my pc as much. Before I'd go on to check my emails and end up doing 8 other things, now I just check from my phone. Lol. However I've never blogged from here before, so here's my first try! Can't figure out how to do photos, so that's a first for another day :)
Since I last blogged I've been busy, I had my crop Saturday which was great fun as usual :) our last until January which is sad but we're all so busy with Christmas and other things there's just not the time. Speaking of which I've also gone into the big Christmas diy maddness! I know lots of people that pretty much re-do their houses and buy new couches and everything but I've never bothered. This year though I've got the home improvement bug! So far I've repainted Caitlins room and have ordered a new carpet, and plan to board the loft, paint the kitchen and attempt to put new Lino down. Lol. Key word there being attempt! I've never done that before but the Lino cost £50, to get it fitted was am extra £110!!!! So no thanks! Even if I mess it up twice and get it right third time I've still saved £10!
Right I'm off to watch I'm a celeb. And continue to wonder why on earth Gillian mckeith is there. Lol

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