Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Christmas is officially coming!

I love how everyone has their own idea of what symbolises the start of Christmas. For some it's getting the tree out, or lights going on in your town; for a lot of my friends it's the red cups in Starbucks, for me, it's the cola advert! As soon as I hear the 'holidays are coming, holidays are coming,' I know christmas is on the way!!!!
I saw the ad for the first time this year last night and have been feeling all Christmasy since. :)
And I know I can't be the only mad one who feels like this as there's a facebook group dedicated to it. :)
Though there is also a group for people who talk to toilets :s decipher that how you will! Lol


  1. I am right behind you with this one - I know every year the second I hear that tune - the countdown has started, since i heard that magical tune the other day i've been making christmas decs and planning when to put up my tree - I just love. [still a bit of shopping to do]
    take care honey xxx

  2. That ad usually instills panic in me - reminds me how behind I am in my preps and that I need to pull my socks up and get on with things. So far I haven't heard it yet but then I do tend to record most of my tv and then fast forward through the ads LOL!!

  3. Totally agree with you, I just love the Coke christmas adverts! :)

  4. Always coca cola!!! same here!! how spooky is that! btw did you know Santa always wore green until Coca Cola put him in red!!! weird huh!



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