Sunday, 13 February 2011

Twilight retreat!

Ok so I admit I was worried about going, I mean we all get on fine online but online and in real life are two different things, but it turned out to be SO much fun! Everyone was slightly mad with the same sense of humor so there were lots of laughs all round. There were also lots of yummy cakes thanks to Karen. :) These are her twilight cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with jam in the middle. Yum! She also made coffee and walnut cake but I didnt try that. Those who did said it was amazing though. lol.

This is Vern. He belongs to Jess who kindly drove me down. :) We had a right giggle on the first night when the camping bed she was in decided to break. lol. There we were are at 3 am dragging the mattress onto the floor and trying to put the wooden slats back in. Gave up in the end. lol

This is all of us on the last day after much eating, lots of laughing and a little bit of scrapping was done. :) I was quite pleased and managed 25 so a bit of a dent in my kits was managed.

All in all was a brill weekend. Hopefully will be able to do the same next year in slightly bigger accomodation. I think people who dont scrap dont realise how much room it can take up as we were given 2 dining tables to use between 9 of us! The first night was spent taking tables from other rooms, moving furniture and generally making the place our own :) Think we did well considering the space we had!


  1. It was a fab weekend wasn't it but over so fast. You did so well making all those layouts in such a restricted space - hope you will be uploading them as I didn't see all of them.

    Karen x

  2. lovely post and roll on next year!!



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