Friday, 18 February 2011

Disneyland day two (part two)

And back to disneyland posts :) As we were all tired from walking around we went back to the hotel for a bit before dinner. We picked the Seqoia lodge because me and Mark had been there a while back (pre-kids, lol) and I loved it. All big log fires (nothing smells better than a proper log fire I think), bird songs and a swimming pool. I didnt think we'd use the pool much as out of 3 adults and kids present, I was the only one who could swim and Caitlin and I were the only two who were not scared of the pool. Cameron and Mollie both hate them, Mark can't swim so hates it and Mum has a full blown phobia. Seriously, think Gillian Mckeith and bugs and you have my mum. Its her own fault really, when she was a kid she jumped in the shallow end of the pool, or what she thought was the shallow end anyway. She ended up almost drowning and my uncle had to jump in and save her.
Anyway, I was quite surprised when we decided to go to the pool for a bit. I was plased to see they had a pile of arm bands and float circles to go around the kids weists. Caitlin was off like a shot. Shes always been a water baby but I was so proud of her trying to swim by herself. Cameron took more convincing and at first would not let go of Mark, but lots of 'Look at what your LITTLE sister is doing' got him going too. :) So of course Mollie not to be left out jumped in too. After being shown a few moves by me and Mark the kids were all soon swimming by themselves!! Ok so it was just a doggy paddle/breast stroke but I was still thrilled. :) I was proud of my mum at this point to be honest as she was struggling watching all the kids swimming about knowing if something went wrong she couldnt help. But they all loved it!
So after all the swimming we went into the disney Village to look for somewhere to eat. We settled on this medievil place which looked quiet. Turned out to be ok food but had really nice ale. lol. My mum ended up a little tispy and messing about with the wipped cream from the kids puddings, putting it on my nose and her nose. lol. The kids found it all veru funny. :)

After dinner we walked through the village a bit. For those who have not been there before its basically lots of disney shops and resturants. Caitlin actually asked for some photos to be taken! Who was I to say no. :)
First with sleeping beauty.

Then with the prince, who Caitlin insisted was sleeping beautys daddy. Then finally the big creepy elephant head outside the rainforest cafe. :)

Think the first full day tired out the kids. What do you think? lol


  1. I just love the last photograph - it will look adorable on a layout.

    Karen x

  2. I think kids should go to Disney land everyday if that is how it wears them out ;)


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