Monday, 14 February 2011

Disneyland day one

What a week! I warn you in advance these posts are pretty photo heavy.So after getting up at 4am (yes you read that right) we got a taxi to kettering, train from kettering to London, then got onto the euro star. The kids were SO well behaved on the trains, only being a little restless which really is to be expected. Cameron was in his element, pointing everything out and staring out the window. I love this photo as shows the look of wonder in his face in his reflection.

Caitlin did enjoy it, I swear. lol. As we were in first class (get us. lol) we got breakfast included. I did think that'd be the one time Caitlin would smile for a photo but no such luck!

A much needed nap for nanny while the girls watch some tv.

Well we got to disney at about 1pm. the train station was really quiet so we gave our luggage to the disney express people and made our way into the park! :) I admit my two wernt that fussed. Caitlin loves mickey mouse but isnt into princess stuff yet, and Cameron was just gutted to leave the train station! lol. However my neice Mollie is a girly girl and was SO excited to see the castle. Those who have been before know you can't actually see it untill you enter the park so she was pointing at everything asking if that was the castle:
Points at movie world tower 'Is that the castle Aunty Gemma?'
'Not yet Mollie round this corner'
Points at disneyland hotel 'Is that the castle Aunty Gemma?'
Not yet Mollie just through here'
Points at city hall 'Is that the castle Aunty Gemma?'
I turn the buggy around 'No Mollie thats it there'
Now I admit I cried at her reaction, she just sat there with her mouth hanging open and smiling, she was just SO amazed! Bless her. :)
I didnt take many photos on the first day as it was really busy and we were just walking around really taking everything in. We went on a few rides then went back to the hotel to unpack. That done of we wandered back to the park. It was dark by this point and the park being all lit up was stunning. We watched a parade which was great as Mickey mouse was there. Caitlin was SO excited, was really sweet as everytime he went out of sight for a moment she was asking where he was. :) love doing things like this with my kids, shows how magical it is really. :) They had a quick snack of a doughnut before dinner then back to the hotel to sleep. :)


  1. Lovely piccies - looking forward to the rest of your updates.

    karen x

  2. Aww sweet pics Cameron looks in his element on the train. Cant wait to see more xx


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