Saturday, 12 February 2011

How is it february already?!

Seem to be going through the days too fast again! Had a very exciting week so will be bloggin about that over the next few days. :) First though is my grans birthday. This was at the end of January so went to see her. Kids were very confused as to why there was no cake or party bless them. Hard to explain that past a certain point, birthdays are not that much fun! lol. I think she was a bit shook up by her recent health scare though as usually you cant force my gran to have her photo taken, but she was more than happy to pose with the kids.
Was only able to get Caitlin to smile with tickles. lol

Cameron was much more co-operative however.

Cute photo of the kids playing with the mobigo.

The day after my grans birthday my mum and I took Caitlin and my two older neices to a home start funh day. I 'work' for them so helped out while I was there but mainly just played with the kids. :) They had a great time. They painted glasses, had faces painted, learnt how to spin plates and Caitlin planted a flower for me (awww) She loves doing anything that can get her messy.

Well after that I spent the week getting ready for disneyland and my weekend away with the girls. But more on that tomorrow :)

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