Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Disneyland day 3 (part 2)

After lunch first stop was the ride hubby had been harping on about since we booked. The star wars simulator. I didnt think Cameron should go on it. Daddy thought he'd be fine. Yeah, tear streaked cheeks after the ride told me mummy was right.

None of the kids would pose with us. :( Thought they wern't supposed to get embrassed by us untill they hit their teens!

Kids started getting sleepy now so we went to where they had the lion king show last time we were here. Was a bit gutted to find out they didn't do that anymore but they had a big cinima screen set up showing cartoons instead. :) Mollie fell asleep bless her while the rest of us watched old cartoons. I'd never seen the first Mickey mouse cartoon before, 'Steamboat Mickey' but OMG! I'm going to guess the RSPCA wasnt about much back then. lol. I think I prefer the more recent ones.
Rest over we went to play 'Buzz lightyears laser blast' Like most disney rides theres a few bits to walk through first, obviously themed to whatever ride you're going on. Makes sense really as if theres big queues it at least keeps the kids entertained. My mum however hated it, frequently moaning 'You need to walk 6 miles before you're even on the bloody ride!' lol. With Buzz there was a big buzz lightyear statue which moved and explained the ride to you. It was actually quite impressive as though you cant see it in the photo, his face was a moving image progected onto the statue, so was very realistic.

Cameron LOVED it anyway and was very keen to get his own Buzz lightyear gun after the ride.

As it was our last night we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at the rainforest cafe. I'd seen it every time we've been and always wanted to go there but never have for some reason. Must say the food wasnt really worth the wait. lol. Was no different to what I get when I go to the harvester. The setting was really what you paid for. There were fake vines all over the walls and celing, with animals poking thier heads out everywhere. There was also a huge fountain right beside our table and big fish tanks everywhere. Kids loved it. :)

Poor caitlin wasnt too fond of these elephants though. I managed to convince her they were just statues, she finally sits down on Marks knee and the elephants come to life! Throwing their trunks about and trumpeting. The photo was taken just as they mopved, love the surprise on her face. lol

Back to the park for parade photos. :)

WOYWW tomorrow so will do our last day Thursday. Been nice reliving it when been home for so long it feels.

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