Wednesday, 16 February 2011

WOYWW and a bit of a break from disney posts :)

For a bit of a break on disney posts I thought Id do a WOYWW. I used to love doing this when I blogged regularly so hope to get into it again. :)
Well yesterday and today i had a big stash clear out and moe around. But more on that later. First I want to show you the new addition to my desk. :)
I LOVE this tinkerbell clock! Mark bought it for me in disneyland as my Valentine's day gift. It glows as well but hard to photograph that. The tinkerbell book is also a disney buy. :)

This is the reason for my move about. :) Spotted this on a facebook for sale site before our holiday and the woman kindly gave it to us as she was moving and didnt have room for it. Its supposed to be the other way (on its side right now) but the middle bits were perfect for my 12x12 papers and holders, with boxes of flowers, ribbons etc down the side slotting in perfectly. I was stupidly pleased with this, particularly before we just had a desk so the space underneath was just wasted. Having the extra storage means I have moved a few things about, so have more surface space. :)

So this is now my desk. :) Note the lilies my mum bought me for organising the holiday, Smells so nice while sitting on my desk and NOT scrapping. lol. The layout which is currently sitting there has been there nearly a month now. Gonna finish it tomorrow as going to my mums tonight. She recently bought a Wii so Im taking over 'Just dance'. Hoping to burn off some of the disney food as its weight watchers meeting again tomorrow! Going to be a miracle if I've not gained anything. lol. Oh well, it'll all come off eventually.

Back to disney posts tomorrow. :) Might show some layouts I did on the twilight weekend soon too. :)


  1. Great buy I'm very jealous :) The clock is gorgeous I want that too xx

  2. Lovely clock and great idea to put the storage unit that way up, so ideal for papers and cardstock.

    Karen x

  3. What a lucky find, it fits perfecty! I always love any storage :D


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