Saturday, 19 February 2011

Disneyland day 3 (part one)

So day 3 and we went back to the main park. Mollie was excited about seeing the castle again while Caitlin loved the mickey mouse made from plants. No idea why she was fansinated by it the whole week!

Love this picture. Cameron insisted on carrying around this map and 'directing' us. He was looking at this statue and I told him to turn around for a picture. It wasn't untill later I noticed he was posing in the same way as the statue. lol.

The photos outside the castle. Got to be done. :)

This is my favourite photo of the week. :) Those with kids know how hard it is to get them to look at the camrea and smile at the same time but look I did it! lol.

We went on a couple of rides, the kids loving the spinning tea cups and not being too impressed with the 'It's a small world after all' ride. The queues wern't too bad really so we were lucky and didnt have to wait too long for anything. The weather was also ok so decided to take them into the alice in wonderland maze. Ok, seriously HOW is that a kids maze?! We got SO lost! Even with Mark being able to see over the walls we had no idea where we were going half the time. lol.

After a quick rest n the Queen on hearts throne we carried on and met the chesire cat. Caitlin asked what it was, 'A cat' was my reply. She gave me that 'Dont be so daft mummy' look and said 'No its not, its a plant, Bella's a cat.' Well silly me!

Eating at the park is VERY expencive. The meal the night before (main meal, pudding and drink each) cost just under £150!! So we decided to eat out twice and go mcdonalds the rest of the time. lol. One of the meals out just had to be a charecter meal so we picked the lucky nugget saloon. While we made our way over there we bumped into Mickey mouse. Now as you may have seen Caitlin is less than impressed with the charecters so far, so I was thrilled to convince her to stand beside micky with me and get our photo taken by my mum. Yeah, seriously, this is us and Mickey, as taken by my mother. I should have gave the camera to Cameron.

Well obviously the powers that be wanted to make up for my dissapointment. Since we've last been here the resturant has changed their paying policy. Before you would eat then pay after, now its a buffet with a set price for adults and kids, but bizarly you pay in a little booth outside the building down a little ally. How weird. Anyway the woman who served me was very flustered and confused, and accidently didnt charge me for any of the kids!! £60 off, woop woop! :)The food turned out to be really nice and the kids LOVED having all the charecters come up and see them. Even Caitlin was a bit more ok with it. :)

After lunch was by far the highlight of Camerons holiday. Funnily enough it involves a train. lol. As mentioned before when I told him about the holiday there were two things he loved, spinny cars and runaway mine train. now Ive been on the train before and at 3, thought Cameron was too young. Obviously when he walked past he dissagreed and pulled me over. Not wanting to be the bad guy as he was so excited I said he wouldnt be allowed as he was too small. Let disneyland be the bad guy I thought. However I didnt take his fathers bloody tall genes into account did I! guy measured him and he was easily tall enough. So on we went. Cameron was SO excited and even though we had to queue for nearly an hour he wouldnt stop laughing and talking. I laughed too at one point. Queue jumping is all over the place at disney, frence seem to think they dont need to wait in line for some reason, well Cameron in his excitment was plaing with the rope used to keep the queue in place when some guy came up from behind us and decided to join the queue further on. Well just as he went to climb over the rope Cam pulled it up, guy tripped and went flying. Everyone cracked up! I didn't tell Cam off, infact I told him well done. :)
Well as much as Cameron has Marks tall genes, he certainly has my daredevil genes as he was laughing all the way round on the rollercoster. And I swear it wasnt me who told him to say to mark 'Im braver than you daddy.' Honest. ;)

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  1. LOL at Cameron sorting out the nasty queue jumper - shame you didn't get a piccie of that LOL!!!!

    Shame about the piccie of you with Micky - my mum takes photos the same too!!

    Karen x


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