Monday, 28 February 2011

layouts. :)

Ok so done with disney. :) No actually done much since. lol. Been clearing out the garage and selling off lots of bits. Also selling kids garden toys as getting new stuff for their birthdays. :)
Anyway, since Im dull and have done nothing worth talking about I thought Id show you some more layouts I did on the twilight retreat. Before going I didnt have many photos printed so gave Mark a memory stick with loads on and asked him to print some off. Yeah should have been more specific. He printed all christmas ones. Did I have any christmas paper packed? No of course not. So had to quickly grab a christmas kit before I left. So you might notice a lot of the layouts use the same range of papers. lol
Nice simple one of Cameron in the snow. :)

Love this photo, I was trying so hard to get a nice photo of both kids in front of the chrismtas tree. Cameron was a little too excited though and would NOT stay still!

More snow photos

Meeting reindeer. I had to bribe Caitlin with cake to make her stand here. Not a fan of reindeer I think.

Running out of paper on this one. Was the best photo from my lot. Decided to make this page mainly about journalling. :)

Well off to have 4 vials of blood taken tomorrow. joy. HATE needles so not looking forward to that!


  1. Try and pretend that it is a Cullen taking the blood LOL!!!!

    Great layouts - really pretty papers that you have used - what are they?

  2. Jingle bells jingle bells... you've got me feeling all christmasy now lol!!

    Hope today goes well xx


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