Saturday, 26 February 2011

Disneyland last day :(

Wow its took me a long time to blog about this holiday! lol. Anyway onto our last day :( and a huge stroke of luck. Caitlin LOVES the micky mouse clubhouse, and other playhouse disney shows. I'd seen online they had a new live playhouse disney show in the park and knew Caitlin would love it. Turns out its only shown on one day a year, our last day! I've no idea why its shown so rarely but was thrilled we were lucky enough to catch it. We got good seats too as Mark was allowed to use disabled seating. :)

Bless Mark. During the show they dropped confettie leaves from the celing, at the end of the show without even being asked he went about collecting them for me, knowing I'd use them for scrapbooking. :)
Another ride that was open on our last day was the crush coaster. This was the biggest ride of the week at 45 minutes. Kids were great though and waited patiently. How tired does my mum look. lol. It was a long week.

Now we were warned beforhand that it was not a ride for kids but thought we knew better. We were wrong! lol. Its basically a rollercoster, but the seats spin round like the watlzers. The whole ride is in the pitch black with flashing lights and is bloody fast. Cameron loved it of course, little daredevil he is, poor Mollie was a bit shocked though, and Mum was less than impressed. lol. She doesnt like rollercosters anyway.
Some photos from movie world

Had to document these. Now at home my kids wouldnt touch popcorn, no chance, no way, obviously put it into a disney cup makes it taste different. lol. We actually bought them these on the first day, but refills were cheap and it was a great way to keep them quiet while walking around.

Note the dress change for caitlin, lol. We were really lucky with the weather all week, only having the one drizzle for a short time, but the last day was really hot! I had a thin top on and could feel the heat on my back, been a long time since thats happened. lol. Anyway since I packed for british weather I'd originally put a wool jumper on Caitlin, so I let her pick a t-shirt to change her into. :)

Photo of all four of us. :)

I like this photo, even though it looks like my mum and hubby are a couple. lol. As we'd done all the rides, and it was such nice weather we took the kids to the park in the pirate area, as it was raining last time we were here.

They loved it, running and climbing. I think because obviously I've been quite strict on letting the children roam for fear of losing them they were happy just to run about like loonies.

Cameron next to the runaway mine train poster.

And home time. :( Kids were asleep by the time we hit London. Which was good really as the eurostar back was rattling all over the place. Dinner was SO weird too! I had olive loaf, cold chicken on what I think ws mushed up carrots, and cream chese in a pasta shell. :s Glad we got a mcdonalds before we left. lol

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  1. Aww sounds like you had a busy but fun week. I love the pic of Caitlin asleep on the train bless her :)


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