Friday, 28 October 2011

Catching up

Well as predicted its been a busy but fun few days. :) Monday we went to sherwood forest with the kids. They had a great time naming all the different animals and insects. Cameron was really interested in the different trees having different leaves and how they grew from seeds etc. Caitlin just wanted to run and climb. lol.
This is Mark and Cameorn in front of the oldest Oak tree in the uk. Think it was around 1,100 years old.

Caitlin climbing. lol

Hiding n the den.

PLaying in the park. Love the happy faces. :)

Tuesday Cameron had his immunisations. Was really worried how he'd react but he was fine! Didnt bat an eyelid. Very proud mummy. :) Speaking of proud he now knows his 3 times table and can count to 120. He seriously doesnt take after me with maths!!
Wednesday I had my neices for the day, which was nice as I cant remember the last time they had a chance to play with my two, with all the trouble going on with my sister. Makes me sad when they ask to visit and I say we can't. Camerons also been asking about her ex Paul, how on earth do you explain all that to a 4 year old. :( If I'm honest I just make excuses. Hes such a sensitive kid, was really upset when we watched Mrs Doubtfire and the dad moved out. Took a lot of reassurance that his Daddy wasn't going anywhere to calm him down.
On a happy note its been great having him home this week. We've been doing puzzles, reading books, watching films, just relaxing together. :) Except yesterday, lol, I woke up and felt So ill! Really sick and dizzy, so I spent most of the day asleep. Did hear lots of laughing from downstairs though so kids were enjoying time with daddy.
Well today Caitlins at nursery, and Marks taking Cameron to the childrens center so I plan on catching up with the housework that wasn't done yesterday, lol. Tomorrow I've promised the kids we'll do a big baking session and Sunday is the dads group halloween party so got to get all caught up!


  1. Sounds like you've had a good week - love the shots in the trees...and cakes tomorrow - sounds great :)

  2. Glad you have been having a good week Gemma, fab photos! :)


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