Sunday, 9 October 2011

Wheres the weekend gone?!

Seem to be losing days a lot recently. lol. Like Mark says, rather than spending a day doing one big job, like the ironing, or painting or something, we're doing lots of little things here and there which makes the time go SO quickly! I like it though as I like seeing the difference in the house.
Caitlin did stay at my mums on Friday, which was great as Cameron had some 'boys time' with daddy, also known as playing computer games and eating junk food. While I hid in the bedroom with a pile of magazines and the tv on rom-coms. lol.
Saturday went a bit different than planned. lol. I was supposed to be going to my crop, was all packed, then received a panicked phone call from the woman who runs it. She'd forgot she'd canceled the hall that month and had just turned up to find it being used. Bless her, these things happen. So ended up doing a few layouts at home. Nowhere near as productive as I would have been but did a few :)
Also received a parcel. :) As I've said before, we had a bit of money leftover after paying for hall etc, so Mark got a few more models, and I put in an order to Sarahs cards. :)

Love these alphas.

Perfect for disney layouts I'm thinking. :)

Today we've been painting the hall in preparation for Thursday. Was a bit of a mess as was just planning to re-pain the hall the same colour as it was to freshen it up a bit, however only had a little bit of paint left. Did however have half a tub of the kitchen paint left (both green just different shades) so ended up mixing both together and using that. lol. Got the woodwork and the ceiling to do during the week. Hate painting woodwork but got to be done. Will look great when finished. :)


  1. Have fun with your new craft bits :) sounds like you are having a busy week :)

  2. Nothing better than a aprcel of new stash!!

  3. Oooh lovely new stash, enjoy!!


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