Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Stash shopping :)

Well yesterday was SO busy but really pleased at how much I got done. :) Payments for lots of the stuff we sold came in so I paid some bills and ordered our hall flooring. :) Very excited about that. :) Had a bit of a bad spell to which is funny now but not at the time! lol. I woke up yesterday with a pounding headache, so took some painkillers. However we were so busy I hadn't eaten so by the time I got to Camerons school to pick him up I was feeling like I was about to pass out! lol. had to txt Mark to come walk with us, Cameron was very confused as to why we had to wait for Daddy to pick us up when Mummy was already there. lol Note to self, taking painkillers on a very empty stomach isn't a good idea.
As well as paying bills etc with our sale money, there was a little left over so me and Mark split it to buy ourselves something. So I headed right to colemans and bought this little lot, lol.

Was so impressed as they had a clearance sale on a lot of stuff so all this was only £22!! Caitlins going through a phase of loving Hello Kitty at the moment so can see this die being used a lot. lol. I think my favourite buy were these wooden shapes though. Theres loads of them and was only £1.99 for the box. :) Bargain.

Right got to get a bath before rushing out so got to go! Hope everyones enjoying the more autumny weather. I've got a stew cooking in my slow cooker as we speak. lol

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