Friday, 21 October 2011

Half term!

Camerons first half term since starting school. :) Looking forward to spending some time with just him when Caitlins at nursery. Lots of fun things planned. We're going on a trip to Sherwood forest tomorrow with Sure start, park Tuesday, Halloween party wednesday, Thursday dr (bleh) then Friday another party. :) Think poor Camerons going to be looking forward to school for a break!
ok so old layouts but still done them. lol. When my crop was canceled I'd already packed my stuff to took it upstairs to try and do some there (didnt work too well. lol) but did manage a couple. :) This one is nicer in real life, not so busy. :) But love these papers and these alphas.

Cute little apple again. lol

More Disneyland ones. Caitlin was going through a phase of not wanting her photo talen so was surprised when she actually asked for these ones lol.

Thought the sticker was pretty fitting :)

Last one, really special photos as this was our last big family outing before it all went tits up with my sister. lol Love Evies happy face :)

Well housewok is pretty much done (woop woop) and have plenty of leftovers from last nights dinner to make chicken pie so nice chilling afternoon I think. :) Loads of films on tv so kids will be happy. Got to be careful what we put on though at the moment, Camerons got a bit of a cold which seems to be making him really sensitive. Had lots of tears yesterday when Babe lost his Mummy and when Stitch was sick. Poor kid takes after me. I still cry at the disneyland ad where all the kids are excited. lol


Thanks for your comments. :)