Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hall is finished. :)

So where have I been this week? One of the following places:
- In the hallway with a paintbrush in my hand
- In the bedroom wrapping Christmas gifts
- at the tip dumping rubbish from the garage
- On the computer ebaying, or posting stuff sold.
So all in all it's been a busy week! But my hall is all done and I love it, and the garage is a heck of a lot neater. :) So back to boring housework now! lol. I have managed to do some scrapping the past couple nights though. I haven't done any in ages and it always amazes me how much I enjoy it when I start again after a break. Also started getting excited about my retreat next month. Getting close now!
ON the note of Sarahs cards I received my monthly kit on saturday. much earlier than I expected as its not usually until around the 20th so was a nice surprise. :) Was a beautiful kit, the papers were from Jillibean Soup - Apple Cheddar Soup, which was funny as I usually hate Jillibean soup papers. lol. But I think that's the best thing about getting these kits, using stuff you wouldn't normally buy yourself.
This was the first layout I did, its of caitlin last september at the farm. It always amazes me how grown up she now looks compared to old photos. I almost forget how big she's getting until I look back so wanted a layout to reflect how I see all these photos and layouts as little parts of her childhood I've managed to capture.

Love these little trees and thought the measuring tape was ideal for this layout.

Another one from the farm, but both kids this time. Different style of layout than I usually do as I'm not often fond of one busy area then lots of white space. But like this one. :)

Still using up the bling. lol. Amazingly easy to make my own swirls and things I've found. Just use my bazzil n stich templates. :)

Last layout for now. :) More summery than Autumn but think the papers still work.

Well as well as house stuff been doing some crafty bits with Caitlin. :) She's becoming much more independent in her play now which is great as rather than being glued to me all the time, she will happily play by herself, meaning I can get things done quicker and spend more quality time with her. :) On Saturday we decided to roll the rug up, get a huge sheet of paper and go mad with pint and stickers. :)

We did start off using paintbrushes but that then went to hand prints which went to footprints. lol. Baths all round afterwards!!!

Well will take pictures of my hall to blog tomorrow. Quieter week this week so hope to be about more. lol


  1. Wow sounds like you have been on a roll with sorting, cleaning and decorating. come do mine if you like lol only joking. The layouts look fab. Caitlin looks like she is having tons of fun painting hope she keeps the blue hands away from your newly decorated hall way :)

  2. Love the LOs - what is the white mist you used? and the little lines of trees are gorgeous. Looks like some painting fun, she looks pretty clean considering :)

  3. Lovely layouts, your DD looks like she's having fun too.

  4. You have been a busy bee! I love this kit and the layouts you've done are fantastic. Caitlin looks so cute covered in paint :)


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